FFA Appears as a Clue on Jeopardy!

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FFA on Jeopardy! 2/15/18

FFA made it on Jeopardy! tonight as a clue!

Posted by National FFA Organization on Thursday, February 15, 2018


When Rob Worman, a “Jeopardy!” contestant chose the $1,600 clue in the “Charitable Organizations” category on Thursday’s episode, he caught the eye of FFA members and supporters nationwide.

The clue read: “FFA seeks to help children learn about all sorts of professions, not just this middle ‘F’ in its name.”

Worman quickly answered correctly – well, almost – by saying “What is farming?” Show host Alex Trebek accepted the answer as close enough to “What is farmers?”

The National FFA Organization, of course, no longer goes by the full name of Future Farmers of America. But the letters “FFA” still stand for Future Farmers of America because they are a part of our history and our heritage that will never change. But FFA is not just for students who want to be production farmers; FFA also welcomes members who aspire to be part of 255 unique careers in agriculture. [Learn about those careers on AgExplorer »]

Nice job, Rob!

Source: Jeopardy!