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Remote Teaching Resources

Educator Resources is full of unique, free content to boost learning about FFA and agriculture either online or in print. Looking for a place to start? Try these:

  1. Official FFA Student Handbook
    You can now access an online version of the Official FFA Student Handbook free through the end of June. The handbook is available alongside digital editions of our FFA New Horizons magazines or via PDF download.
  2. Table of Contents
    Numerous resources exist in this section for online or extended learning. We’ve established a table of contents document with a description of some of the most popular and new resources found in Educator Resources – including an easy reference to which resources can be used online or offline.
  3. AgExplorer Virtual Field Trips
    In the past few years, we’ve made virtual field trips with AgExplorer to major agriculture companies all around the United States. Student handouts are available to accompany these learning opportunities – and they’re specifically designed so you can add them to learning management systems or other e-learning platforms.

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