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Remote Teaching Resources

  1.  Table of Contents
    Several resources exist in this section for online or extended learning. We’ve established a table of contents document with a description of some of the most popular and new resources found in Educator Resources – including an easy reference for using resources online or offline.
  2. Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning
    Check out these tips and tricks to make National FFA educator resources more usable at a distance.  Pick and choose the resources that match your distance learning needs.
  3. Educator Resources With Separated Student Activity Sheets
    In this time of distance learning, National FFA continues to look for ways to make our resources easier to use. We have separated the student activity sheets and added direct links to the lesson plans for the following resources:

  4. Generic Activity Sheets
    Looking for an activity sheet that can accompany any SAE video, FFA Blue365 video, FFA New Horizons article, keynote/retiring address or current event? Check out the generic activity sheets folder.
  5. Converting to Google-Friendly Documents
    If you need help converting Word documents and PDFs into Google-friendly documents, check out this video by one of our teacher ambassadors, Jason Ferreira.