FAQ: Changes to Official Dress Guidelines

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Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the Official Dress guidelines:

May FFA members wear a bowtie as Official Dress?
A bow tie was not included in the guidelines for Official Dress. An official FFA neck tie or an official FFA scarf should be worn.

Will removing gender titles create confusion for new members who are not familiar with Official Dress?
The National FFA Organization will provide a variety of photos of Official Dress for students to see and to help them determine what Official Dress looks like for them. Also, it is the responsibility of local agriculture teachers to help students fully understand and apply the guidelines for Official Dress.

Will female national officers wear slacks as Official Dress?
Female national officers may choose to wear slacks as a part of Official Dress.

Are cowboy boots considered as dress shoes?
Cowboy boots may be considered as dress shoes. Members should use good judgment to ensure boots and shoes are clean.

When would it be appropriate to wear a skirt vs. slacks for Official Dress?
The Official Dress guidelines indicate that members may wear slacks or a skirt. It will be up to individual members to determine if they will wear slacks or skirts.

Is there a required skirt length or a maximum heel length for dress shoes?
A minimum or maximum length of skirt or heels is not addressed in the guidelines. Members are asked to use good judgment and follow the guidelines of their local school dress code.

How will we ensure that career development event (CDE) and leadership development event (LDE) judges are informed of the Official Dress changes?
All individuals serving as judges for CDEs and LDEs go through an orientation during which the Official Dress guidelines will be discussed.

These changes will take effect immediately on the national level; however, we understand that these changes may happen over the coming months at the state and local levels. We encourage states to begin implementing these changes at their upcoming conventions and conferences, in time for the national convention this fall. National FFA has started reflecting these changes in materials, including:

  • FFA.org (immediately)
  • Official FFA Manual in English and Spanish (online versions immediately; hard-copy version in English once current supplies are depleted)
  • Official FFA Student Handbook in English and Spanish 2017
  • National Career and Leadership Development Events 2017
  • Blue Catalog 2017