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More than 15 years ago FFA and some of its key contributors recognized the importance and benefits of support and connections at the local level. Dealer programs were developed to offer opportunities to chapters and members with a chance to cultivate and strengthen connections between local businesses and chapters that would both sustain and be mutually beneficial. Since the first dealer program launched, the number of local business and dollars have increased significantly to offer immeasurable impact to both individual members and entire chapters.

Programs funded by local businesses have grown in both size and diversity so much that FFA has retired the term “dealer program” to encompass the wide range of support from different business types and in 2015, the term “local engagement program” was born. Currently, automotive and tractor dealers, agricultural retailers, seed growers, restaurants and manufacturers contribute time and resources to offer funds for scholarships, grants and blue jackets.

What They Do

  • Connect local businesses with local FFA chapters.
  • Help build strong communities by developing relationships between the local business, community and chapter.
  • Provide great resources for chapters to secure funding, mentorship and engagement opportunities.