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The National Teacher Ambassadors are equipped to help answer questions and provide training related to the various educational resources and experiences offered by the National FFA Organization.

Front row L to R: Lily Pruitt, Kassie Mendes, Brittany Davis, Marlissa Nordstrom, Brianne McCauley, Kristan Wright, Emily Rudder, Leslie Zimmerman, Tiffany Bushman, Pebbles Lacross, Kasey Naylor

Middle row L to R: Jodi Riedel, Kaylee Liddiard, Jeff McKinney, Brandy Elrod, Keontè Edmonds, Paryce Bradlly, Sunni Wise, Carlee Dittemore, Hannah Everetts, Jillian Ford, KaCee Thompson James, Leasa Gudderra

Back row L to R: Zach Crews, Chase Holcumbrink, Brian Bay, Bradley Cox, Herb Hoffeditz, Jason Ferreira, Cody Sanders, Jacob Ball, Chad Warnick, Abby Readshaw, Jason Dossett

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National Teacher Ambassadors
Abby Readshaw 2019 Teacher Ambassador

Abby Readshaw

Bradley Cox 2019 Teacher Ambassador

Bradley Cox

Brandy Elrod