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Ag Literacy & Advocacy

National Ag Day Virtual Programming

In conjunction with National Ag Day, National FFA provided webinars on Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24. Monday’s sessions included how to advocate and why it’s important, interacting with government officials, and how to build an elevator pitch. On Tuesday we discussed storytelling and identifying your audience and an in-depth look at the agriculture, food and natural resources value chain. The webinar archives and worksheets are below.

Jason Wetzler 608x552

Advocacy for the Everyday Leader
Presenter: Jason Wetzler

We often consider advocacy to be a specific word, only to be used in a professional context. In this brief webinar, we’ll cover how advocacy can be used by the everyday leader to improve their lives and the industries they represent.

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Caleb Wright 608x552

Advocating with Elected Officials
Presenter: Caleb Wright

Society and the way we interact with others has changed drastically since the beginning of our country and the establishment of our government. During this session, we will discuss ways we can be advocates, day in and day out, no matter where we live! The conversation will also include ways and strategies on how we can build relationships with our elected officials.

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Reagan Pugh 608x552

Who Are You and What Do You Want?