4 Tips for Memorizing the FFA Creed

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It has 258 words, six sentences, and five paragraphs. It has been modified twice in the past and recited by millions of FFA members across the country. Use these tips to memorize the FFA Creed.

Each FFA experience is unique. Members compete in different events, manage a variety of SAEs and hold a number of leadership roles. But one thing that all members have in common is memorizing the FFA Creed. It is a rite of passage for more than 600,000 members, but remembering those six lines is not always easy. Use these four tips and tricks to make memorizing E.M. Tiffany’s infamous words easier.

  1. Take the Creed outside the classroom.

Oftentimes, the first place you recite the FFA Creed is in your high school agriscience classroom. However, there are plenty of places to practice before the big day. Print the Creed and place it in a sheet protector. Hang it up in the shower so you can memorize while you are washing up. You can memorize quite a bit in a 10-minute shower. Hang it on the mirror to memorize when getting ready in the morning.

  1. Find new ways to recite it.

While there are specific rules when competing in Creed Speaking contests, there are no rules when it comes to practicing the lines. Turn the Creed into a rap to help practice your pauses and sentence tempo. Create a dance that helps you remember your footwork and choreography when presenting on stage. If you are musically inclined, grab an instrument and turn the Creed into a song.

  1. Memorize words through different mediums.

Sometimes, it is easier to remember the way words look on a page rather than the words themselves. If you are visual learner, rewrite the Creed by drawing pictures of each word. You can use hieroglyphics or symbols to represent the words. You can even challenge a friend to text each other a line from the Creed by only using emojis. 👁️🐝-🍂in the📡 of 🚜

  1. Use available technology.

Can you memorize lyrics to a song? Do you recite movie lines all the time? If so, try recording yourself reciting the Creed and listening to it repeatedly. Between classes, riding in the car, or even when falling asleep at night are prime moments to practice memorizing. If you are a social media user, record the Creed on Snapchat and find a filter that relates to each paragraph. Compare your filters to other FFA members and see how creative you can be.