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2018-19 National FFA Officers Become FFA Alumni

Q: Your time as a National FFA Officer came to an end at the 2019 National FFA Convention & Expo. How will you continue your FFA service as an alumni? FFA prepares us for what’s to come, no matter where that path takes us. Because of my experiences as an FFA member, I am more confident to live authentically and follow my passions. I look forward to living a life of service and kindness in our world that truly needs it. FFA members are ready to bring that to our world, and I am excited to help them do that even [...]

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Q&A with Original FFA Band Member Neil Overly

Concert bands have been a fixture at the National FFA Convention since 1947, when the first official band was selected from FFA member tryouts. But that wasn’t the first band to play at the convention. An FFA band from Fredericktown, Ohio, performed in Kansas City at the fifth convention in 1933. Remarkably, two members of that band are still living – Linden Scheff (pictured above, left) and Neil Overly – and they attended a recent ceremony that recognized Fredericktown as the home of the FFA jacket. Overly, a retired farmer, turned 100 on Nov. 8. Here, he discusses his FFA experience and the [...]

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