Register Now for New Century Farmer 2018

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Know an FFA member who has experience in the field of production agriculture and plans to return to a career in production agriculture through work experience, training or other activities?

Are they a former FFA member who’s currently attending a two- or four-year college or university and between the ages of 18-24?

Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity that is New Century Farmer! To be held July 8-14, 2018, in Des Moines, Iowa, this all-expense paid conference will be packed with interactive workshops, field tours, visioning design, networking opportunities and financial planning.

Registration is open now and closes Feb. 15, 2018.

During this intensive five-day conference, participants will network with industry experts, presenters and other aspiring farmers while attending a series of workshops and sessions discussing topics ranging from the global marketplace to farm financing, consumer trends and managing risk.

Some of the things participants will take away:

  • Explore new farm business opportunities and develop new business alliances with other producers.
  • Create a vision statement for their operation.
  • Discover how producers can profit from value-added products and the use of technology.
  • Study behavioral changes that enable young producers to overcome common challenges they will face.
  • Gain an understanding of how banks view an operation.