In This Issue: Summer 2017 FFA New Horizons

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The summer 2017 issue of FFA New Horizons has officially left the printer! Here’s a guide to the newest edition of the official FFA magazine, plus a letter from FFA New Horizons editor Justin Davey:

The Product of Your Toil

One of the many things that impresses me about FFA is the drive inside each and every one of you. Maybe it’s the growing-up-on-a-farm thing some of you experience. Work just has to get done. Maybe it’s your youthfulness. Your energy forces the rest of us to keep up. It’s probably a combination of the two and more, but it’s the drive that you develop as young FFA members and the product of your toil that leave me slack-jawed – in the best possible way. When you develop an interest or see a need, you go do something about it. I interact with FFA student and alumni members and advisors often, and the stories I hear are so impressive.Stories like that of Madison Taylor, a junior studying agricultural education  at the University of Minnesota. In “Global Horizons,” you’ll learn how Taylor’s love of agriculture developed and how she has used that passion to serve  as a chapter president and alumni member, receive an American FFA Degree, teach about FFA and agriculture in Uganda and more.Lift ‘Em Up!,”  details the work of the Washington County FFA Alumni Chapter in Kansas, which was honored by the National FFA Alumni Association as 2016’s Outstanding FFA Alumni Chapter. The group assists with fundraising efforts, chaperones events and so much more to ensure that students have the best possible FFA experiences.I hope you will take some time to read through this issue and learn about the important, inspiring and fun work FFA members, chapters and the National FFA Organization are doing.Have a great summer![P.S. Are you enjoying the new FFA New Horizons? I’d love to hear your feedback related to the magazine. Please email me!]–Justin Davey, Editor, FFA New Horizons

In This Issue


Global Horizons | Madison Taylor’s passion for agricultural education was planted by FFA and has taken her around the world – and she’s only getting started. [VIDEO] #AgItForward | California’s San Luis Obispo FFA created a viral campaign to help FFA chapters understand the diversity of agriculture in the U.S. Lift ‘Em Up! | The Washington County FFA Alumni chapter in Kansas proves there is strength in numbers and FFA doesn’t have to end when school does.

The Feed

Listen Up! | 2016 National FFA Talent Winner Michela Walker shares her favorite jams. National Officer Q&A | Learn why the officers think it’s important to have a global mind-set. Bridging Horizons | Indiana FFA members promote success for people facing physical disability challenges. Dude. Be Nice. | This Oklahoma FFA advisor set out to make a difference in the community. Ag 101 | How soybeans travel from the farm to the consumer. Premier Leadership | Ohio FFA members service those resting at Arlington National Cemetary Career Success | How to use AgExplorer to research careers and prepare for your future. FFA In The USA | Updates from FFA chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. What I Know | Ray Starling on his FFA roots and his new job at the White House. Three Tips for Social Fundraising | Keep these in mind when soliciting donations online. Ag Angle | A FFA member in Missouri shares a heartfelt shot. Pop Quiz | Match the correct fact with the correct national FFA officer.