How to Celebrate National Agriculture Week

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Celebrate the abundance that agriculture supplies us every day by declaring March 19-23 National Agriculture Week in your chapter and community. Throughout the week National FFA Literacy and Advocacy Platform encourages programs and activities to bring awareness to agriculture across the nation. Check out each day’s activities below and remember to check out FFA Literacy and Advocacy for ways on how to advocate for agriculture year-round!

Monday: Thank a Farmer Day

  • Watch the #SpeakAg Dialogue: What is the biggest challenge young farmers will face in their first five years on the farm? To celebrate the next generation of farming and post on social media about your reaction using #SpeakAg
    • Check out the video and accompanying lesson plan
  • Watch a documentary and write a short response or blog post to post on social media using #SpeakAg Check out
  • Host a farmer’s market
  • Write a Thank You Note to A Farmer
    • Sample Letter for middle school and high school students
      • Elementary classrooms: Have students write, draw, or create thank you letters or cards to America’s farmers.
    • Students may sign the cards, but please do not include last names
    • Send your classroom thank you notes to:
      American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
      600 Maryland Ave. SW Suite 1000 W
      Washington, DC 20024

For more information check out American Farm Bureau Foundation.

Tuesday: National Agriculture Day

March 20th marks National Agriculture Day, a time when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.

  • Complete a current event lesson from My Journey
  • Contact Congress about Agriculture and the FFA
    • Find your