Lesson Plan: Animal Health Careers

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Give your students a look into STEM careers that focus on Animal Health via an on-demand Virtual Field Trip from AgExplorer, complete with a ready-to-use Educator’s Guide!

Here’s a quick preview of the first chapter:

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This Virtual Field Trip and corresponding Educator’s Guide (see below) takes students to Zoetis, a global animal health company that provides medicines, vaccines, and a wide range of services to veterinarians, livestock producers, and others who care for farm and companion animals.

Students will be introduced to scientists, researchers, veterinarians, statisticians, and engineers that make major contributions by developing technologies that contribute to healthy animals and a safe food supply. As livestock production and the rate of pet ownership both continue to increase alongside the global world population, a rising demand for meat, and an increased standard of living, animal health medicines and vaccines will be needed in greater supply.

Students will also find out how professionals in the STEM fields are researching and developing medicines and vaccines to help address these challenges and improve animal health. The Virtual Field Trip will highlight a variety of skills, competencies, and careers necessary to the agriculture industry. The companion activities found in the Educator Guide help engage students prior to and during the Virtual Field Trip, and extend the learning from the Virtual Field Trip to the classroom.

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Objectives for students in the Educator Guide:

  • investigate careers related to agriculture and animal health.
  • reflect on the importance of collaboration and learning from success and challenges in the scientific process and in their personal experiences.
  • explore how genetics/biotechnology has benefited animal health and society.

Length of full Virtual Field Trip:

45 minutes (6 chapters)

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