The FFA Jacket: A Global Effort

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Did you know your FFA jacket traveled the world before you ever put it on? It takes multiple countries to make the official FFA jacket happen and to keep the cost around $50 – the price it has remained for the past 20 years, thanks to global sourcing. Here are some fast facts about the official FFA jacket:

  • The fabric is made of U.S. cotton.
  • The raw cotton is shipped to China, where it is woven and dyed.
  • The finished cotton is moved to two manufacturing facilities – one in Vietnam and the other in Ohio, where the jackets are cut and sewn, and emblems are attached.
  • Each jacket uses 1.6 yards of fabric. More than 110,000 yards of fabric are used annually.
  • All jackets are personalized at Universal Lettering Co. in Ohio.
  • 50,000 jackets are imported; 20,000 are made domestically.
  • 70,000 jackets are sold annually.
  • The jacket underwent restoration from 2003 to 2005 to establish a new standard of blue, restore the design and color of the emblem, improve the fit and comfort, and increase its durability.