Pop Quiz: FFA Framework

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Surprise! It’s time to see how well you recall important dates in FFA history. Can you match these events with the years they took place?

Quiz Questions:

  1. What year was the Smith-Hughes Act enacted? Learn more about this important legislation.
  2. What year was Corey Flournoy, the first African-American to serve as national FFA president elected? Read more about Flournoy’s work for diversity in agriculture.
  3. When were alumni officially established as a class of membership in the FFA constitution?
  4. What year did the first FFA Week take place?

Possible Answers:

A. 1994 | This was one year before the debut of the first FFA website.
B. 1917 | FFA was officially established 11 years later.
C. 1948 | The first FFA Chorus and Talent program was held at the National FFA Convention this year, too.
D. 1969 | FFA also opened up membership to women this year.