On the Record: Tyler White

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Tyler White was once regarded as a low-level minor leaguer for up-and-coming pitchers to strike out. But that scouting report would prove to be wrong. White played through all seven levels of the minor leagues before making the Astros roster, and through it all, he learned to hit good pitching – often and with power. His amazing rise to the roster of the World Series Champion Houston Astros defines what we love about baseball and FFA.

Q: How did FFA help you prepare for A life in professional baseball?

A: I liked the leadership and discipline that I learned from being part of FFA.

Q: Is there a single FFA experience that sticks in your mind as something that contributed to your success as a baseball player?

A: I loved going to FFA camp. Though I was only able to go during my freshman and sophomore years because of baseball, it was a very memorable experience for me.

Q: Any words of advice for FFA members seeking to succeed in their lives and careers?

A: I would say to never give up on what drives you. That is what you’re willing to sacrifice for and what you’ll put the most effort into. It is easy to put extra work into something you love.

Q: Who is your favorite player of all time?

A: Chipper Jones. I grew up a huge Atlanta Braves fan.

Q: What’s your favorite position to play? (White is considered a utility player, capable of handling several positions.)

A: I most like playing second base.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment of your professional baseball career so far?

A: Being with the team during the playoffs and getting to experience winning a World Series.