Alumni and Supporters Get Global Ag Perspective

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From the Royal FloraHolland flower auction in the Netherlands to ancient castles and wineries in Heidelberg, 17 alumni and supporters took part in last year’s National FFA Alumni and Supporters Agriculture Travel Program. This unique introduction to the European agriculture industry and the continent’s cultural history is just one of the many exclusive opportunities afforded to National FFA Alumni and Supporters.

Germany and the Netherlands are the backbone of European agriculture and are home to an intricate network of legacy agribusinesses and exciting start-ups. The production agriculture operations found throughout these countries uniquely demonstrate how knowledge, innovation, technology and tradition can work in harmony on one farm and contribute to feeding a hungry planet. Opportunities to visit historic locations including the Anne Frank House and the Cologne Cathedral showcased the ways agriculture and society have changed throughout the ages.

This 10-day trip brought to light both the similarities and significant differences between agriculture in the U.S. and Europe, and it allowed attendees the chance to experience international agriculture firsthand.

Future National FFA Alumni and Supporters Agriculture Travel Program destinations include a trip to Northern California May 30-June 7, 2020, and a trip to Spain and Portugal in 2021.