Q&A With Country Singer Dillon Carmichael

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You don’t have to listen long to a Dillon Carmichael song before you know he’s the real deal. As one reviewer wrote, “Carmichael defines pure country.”

The authenticity comes naturally. Carmichael’s family roots lie in music and agriculture. Growing up in Burgin, Ky., (population 965) gave him his genuine country perspective. His experience in the Burgin Independent FFA Chapter helped shape his determination, values and goal setting, he says.

His rise in country music started early; not surprisingly, he participated in FFA talent shows. Shortly after graduation, he signed a Nashville publishing contract, and last fall his first album, Hell on an Angel,was released to popular and critical success.

In the middle of a recent tour, Carmichael took time to talk with FFA New Horizons magazine.

Q: What do you remember most about FFA?

A: I remember having a great connection with my advisor. I have a lot of fond memories of FFA camp, state and national conventions, and parliamentary procedure.

Q: What did FFA contribute to your ability to succeed as a musician?

A: FFA taught me so much. I learned all about leadership, work ethic and pride.

Q: What’s the first song you recall that really excited you about music?

A: “Workin’ Man Blues,” by Merle Haggard, because it was a fun, country song that was, well, written for the working man.

Q: Who’s your favorite band, performer or singer/songwriter?

A: Currently, my favorite is Brent Cobb. He is such a a great lyricist, and his melodies also really speak to me.

Q: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

A: The highlight of my career has been being able to play the Opry five times now. I used to work security there, and the fact that I have been able to perform on stage as an artist so many times has been a dream come true.

Q: Given your early success, what advice would you give FFA members pursuing their own career dreams?

A: My advice would be to have no limitations. The sky is the limit and anything is possible. Work hard and dream big!

Q: What are your goals in music – and your life?

A: My goals in music and my life are to be closer to God, stay true to who I am and remember where I come from.