National Officer Q & A: Spring 2017

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Q: Becoming a National FFA Officer requires a very high level of dedication. In the midst of your coursework and agricultural activities, why did you choose to pursue this position?


One of the coolest things I’ve enjoyed as an FFA member is hearing about the experiences of people from across the country. We each have had unique challenges, opportunities and adventures that have developed us into the people we are today. I believe we have the ability and the responsibility to learn from those perspectives. I’m thrilled to continue to learn while I lead in this capacity.

– David Townsend, National FFA President

I believe that FFA offers each and every member the opportunity to succeed and belong. Regardless of background or ability, I know that any student can find something to excel at in FFA. I was able to find a community and discover my own potential through the blue jacket. I knew that being a national officer would allow me to share this message with FFA members and friends, and to encourage others to get involved.

– Victoria Harris, National FFA Secretary

In high school, I devoted service to the FFA, to my community and to agriculture. As a college student, I became so immersed in physics, chemistry, calculus and becoming acclimated that I lost focus of the words I centered my values around: Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve. I realized that my years of service and growth in the blue jacket were not over.

– DeShawn Blanding, Southern Region Vice President

I chose to pursue National FFA office because I want to show FFA members that there is a place in FFA and in agriculture for each person. Through speaking at conventions and camps, and visiting agricultural businesses, I am excited to have the chance to tell the success story of the impact FFA members are making in their communities.

– Valerie Earley, Central Region Vice President

I truly believe in the difference that agricultural education and FFA makes in the lives of students. I have seen the confidence and passion that it has installed in my family, friends and FFA members across the country. I’m so proud to serve as a catalyst for the growth and development of FFA members and to represent an industry that plays such an essential role in all of our lives.

– Ashley Willits, Eastern Region Vice President

I chose to pursue this office because FFA helped me grow in ways I never imagined. I can’t think of any better way to give back and to shine the light FFA gave me. I hope that through pursuing this goal I can show members how to believe in the impossible and how to see the difference FFA can make in their lives.

– Trey Elizondo, Western Region Vice President