7 Reasons to Give Back to FFA

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On Feb. 19, the National FFA Foundation celebrates Give FFA Day to encourage everyone to support the needs of agricultural education students throughout the year. While there are numerous reasons you should make a donation and help spread the word, here are seven ways your support will have an immediate impact.

1. 25% of the agriculture workforce is over 55 years of age.

Nearly a quarter of the agriculture workforce is expected to retire in the next five years, yet very few job seekers are entering the field. Donations to the National FFA Foundation support the education of students starting as early as 12 years old to learn about opportunities available in the agricultural industry.

2. 81% of agricultural jobs require more than a high school degree.

Agricultural education covers topics from agronomy to veterinary medicine. With four out of five careers in agriculture requiring some form of postsecondary education, supporters of the National FFA Organization can contribute to scholarship opportunities and collegiate FFA programs in every state and territory for students pursuing careers in agriculture.

3. Less than 3% of college students pursue a career in agriculture.

This fall, 19 million students were projected to enroll in U.S. colleges and universities. However, fewer than 500,000 of those students are expected to pursue a career in agriculture. Help students develop a passion for these careers early by supporting grants for developing rob