Quiz: Agriculture and You

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On March 24, 2020, Americans will celebrate National Ag Day, which exists to recognize and celebrate the contributions of agriculture in our everyday lives. Think you know a lot about agriculture in America? Test your knowledge by taking our quiz.

1. How many people does one United States farm feed annually?

2. Approximately how much money do Americans spend on food for their 4th of July cookouts each year?

3. Corn is the No. 1 crop produced in the United States, with farmers planting more than $90 million acres in 2017. How many bushels of corn were harvested that year?

4. The United States is the world’s largest beef producer. What was the total number of cattle and calves in the United States in 2018?

5. Textile mills in the United States spin about 3.6 million bales of cotton per year. According to the National Cotton Council of America, how many pairs of jeans could that much cotton make?

A. 750 million

B. 14.6 billion

C. 94.4 million

D. 6.7 billion

E. 166

Answers: 1: E; 2: D; 3: B; 4: C; 5: A