12 Tips to Advocate for Agriculture

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If you’re passionate about agriculture but find it tough to share your knowledge about the industry, you’re not alone – and you’re in luck. Read on for tips from the National FFA #SpeakAg Ambassadors, made up of 12 state officers from chapters across the nation, to help you advocate for ag both in person and online.

“The front of the FFA jacket says who you are and the back says where you came from, but nowhere does it say where you’re going – so go the extra mile. Share your passion for agriculture and use it educate others.” – Mallory Anderson, @mallory_10

“Advocating for agriculture can be as simple as passing along an ag- related news article or sharing your background in agriculture.” – Joe Schlies, @joeschlies22

“Seek to understand all sides of an issue. You can only bridge gaps when you know what people believe and why they believe it.” – Devin Rossa, @devinrossa

“As you make connections with others, take the opportunity to share your unique insights about agriculture.” – Michelle Stangler, @sizzlinwithagriculture

“Be fearless. Passion and knowledge about the industry are important, but you have to be brave enough to tell your story.” – Emily Nave, @emilynave_speakag

“Advocacy requires two things: confidence and accurate knowledge.” – Dekota McGee, @mcgeedekota

“The most important part of advocating is listening before speaking.” – Hope Showalter, @hope_showalter

“Share your story about how agriculture has impacted your life. People don’t always connect with facts or statistics, but when you tell them a story, they’re likely to become interested.” – Grace Long, @_grace_long_

“When advocating for the ag industry, focus on what you’re most passionate about.” – Connor Sawyer, @C0nn0r55

“Surround yourself with seasoned agriculture advocates by joining industry groups, commodity groups or local ag organizations. When it’s your turn to speak up, you’ll know exactly what to say.” – Andrew Moore, @amoore_ffa

“There is no greater tool than storytelling when it comes to advocating for agriculture.” – Bethany Starlin, @bethanystarlin

“Speak to engage, not to educate.” – Savannah Aanerud, @savannahaanerud

The National FFA Agricultural Literacy and Advocacy Platform is sponsored by Domino’s, Merck, Smithfield, Bayer, Growth Energy and Valent.