50 Years of FFA Alumni and Supporters

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Throughout the past 50 years, FFA Alumni and Supporters chapters have grown and evolved to meet the needs of local FFA chapters and ensure the future of FFA. The 670,000-plus volunteers actively involved today continue the FFA legacy through their generous giving and selfless service.

From humble beginnings to the creation of a global network, FFA Alumni and Supporters demonstrates an undying commitment to FFA.

Staying Connected Since 1971

In 1969, student delegates added alumni membership as a way for former members to stay connected to FFA and to engage individual donors for fundraising. Alumni membership became official in 1971.

A couple of years later, FFA extended membership to those who weren’t former members; anyone looking to support FFA could become a member of an FFA Alumni and Supporters chapter.

“This allowed FFA to open up membership to anyone interested in supporting the future of the organization, whether they were a former member or not,” says Joshua Rusk, executive director of National FFA Alumni and Supporters. “To this day, we have a really strong network of former members and nonmembers who help make the local FFA programs run.”

Today, anyone who graduates as an FFA member is automatically recognized as an alum, which provides a direct pathway to staying involved.

“When members take their blue corduroy jacket off for the last time, they have a reason to get excited. They’re not done with FFA – they are taking the next step in their FFA membership,” Rusk says.

In addition to automatic membership, the Forever Blue Network, launched May 11, 2020, is an easy way for FFA members, alumni and supporters across the globe to stay connected.

“The Forever Blue Network is a fast-growing alumni platform, benefitting job seekers and employers while also enhancing the work being done at the local level,” Rusk says.

Thank Your Local Volunteers

Today, just over 2,400 FFA Alumni and Supporters chapters exist, representing about one-third of FFA