15 Ways to Volunteer in 29 Days

By |2020-02-11T11:19:08-05:00February 11th, 2020|Alumni & Supporters, FFA New Horizons, The Feed|

One of the most important questions FFA Alumni and Supporters can ask is, “How can I help?” In the spring semester, particularly in February, advisors and members can be so overwhelmed they might not know how to respond. Whether you are crafty, organized, well-connected or handy, there is a chance that your skills can be put to use to help your local chapter through this busy season.

  1. Paint or print posters for FFA Week activities.
  2. Take photos for members working on their SAE projects for great proficiency award applications.
  3. Make up quiz flash cards to help members study for different career development events.
  4. Volunteer to take a weekend shift watering plants in the school greenhouse.
  5. Proofread resumes, essays and letters of recommendation.
  6. Cook (or cater) breakfast for teachers and members one morning during FFA Week.
  7. Offer to dry-clean, lint roll or shine shoes for members’ Official Dress to make sure everyone is dressed in their best.
  8. Spend an afternoon in the agriculture mechanics lab sharpening blades, vacuuming saw dust and organizing parts drawers.
  9. Take a stroll through a store to grab spare white button-down shirts, black socks and blue ties to keep in the classroom.
  10. Offer to teach a lesson or act as a substitute teacher on days when there are events during school hours.
  11. Help FFA members connect with the local radio station and newspaper to advocate for agriculture during FFA Week.
  12. Get your hands dirty and help chapters prepare their garden beds for spring planting.
  13. February can lead to a lot of late nights. A fresh-cooked dinner or restaurant gift card can go a long way.
  14. Writer’s block can be an issue this time of year. Help an FFA member brainstorm different ways to tell their story in applications.
  15. Pound the pavement to seek donations from local businesses for the second semester.