Take Our Quiz: Teaching Ag

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National Teach Ag Day is Sept. 19 and exists to encourage individuals to consider becoming an agriculture teacher. It also celebrates the positive contributions agriculture teachers make in our schools and communities.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge about agricultural education careers, then discover more information at AgExplorer.com and NAAE.org.

  1. How many highly skilled agricultural education job openings are there annually?
  2. Job opportunities in agricultural education increase nationwide by how much each year?
  3. What is the average annual full-time starting salary for a middle or high school agriculture teacher?
  4. Agriculture teachers are needed at the college/university level, too. What is the average annual full-time salary for a postsecondary agriculture teacher?
  5. How many middle and high school agriculture teachers are there in the United States?

A. $40,132

B. About 1,000

C. About 13,000

D. 20%

E. $76,000