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Meet Landon Herring 2018 Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist

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When you are extremely happy with your job, it is hard to think about doing anything else. That was what Landon Herring of the Lowndes County FFA Chapter in Georgia said he feels about his FFA supervised agricultural experience (SAE).

Landon’s placement SAE involves working on his family’s farm, Herring Farms, Inc., situated near Lake Park, Ga. There, he assists in the production of eggplants, corn, cucumbers, tobacco, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, and squash.

Landon’s role on the farm began in middle school, when his agricultural education teacher said he should have an SAE. Since then, that role has expanded from doing small tasks and assisting his father to overseeing the entire farm operation.

“I also know how to operate nearly every piece of equipment that we operate,” Landon said. “And I’ve helped with all the bedding of dirt, planting crops, laying plastic for our plastic culture crops … the list goes on with a diversified farm like we have down here in south Georgia.”

What inspires Landon to pursue a lifestyle and career in production agriculture is his family. He said his father and uncle started their operation from nothing, and Herring Farms, Inc. provides for his whole family, plus more consumers.

“My dad always told me if I’m not happy working on the farm, I need to go find something else to do because there can be a lot of tough times, and there can be a lot of good times, but if I don’t like what I’m doing, then the tough times are going make me miserable,” Landon said.

Landon hopes to continue working on the family farm and, one day, own a share of the farm with his brother and cousin. He loves farming, knowing it makes a difference to every non-farmer.

“I’m happy farming,” Landon said. “It’s hard to get into, and it’s hard to make it. But whenever you find something that you’re good at that you enjoy doing, you don’t need to do anything else.”