Trade School or College: Which Is the Best Path for You?

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Most of you know I love leadership-oriented youth organizations, and FFA is my favorite in this category. Growing up as a farm kid and milking cows each morning before classes, I understand how an agribusiness work ethic can transcend into entrepreneurial business successes.

In the spirit of helping the next generation of agriculturalists pursue the opportunities that align with their interests the closest, I thought I would share some comparative points between career tech and college.

There are many differences, but there are also some similarities. For example, both educational systems offer online classes. Both college and trade schools have job placement and career services.

Choosing a career path is not just about the money; it’s about your personal growth.
If you prefer starting a career sooner instead of waiting four to six years to complete college, or if you like learning practical skills in the classroom instead of gaining book knowledge, then a trade school is a viable choice. Some trade p