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Looking for an easy way to stay connected to the global FFA community? You’re in luck. The Forever Blue Network, which debuted on May 11, 2020, gives FFA members, alumni and supporters the opportunity to come together no matter where they are. All that’s required is internet access.

“The Forever Blue Network is a personal and professional development network that’s completely devoted to FFA and information that pertains to the organization,” says Joshua Rusk, executive director of National FFA Alumni and Supporters. “You can share memories, reconnect with friends you met through FFA, look for job or internship opportunities and get plugged into what’s going on in FFA right now.”

To ensure the Forever Blue Network stays safe and secure, all applications are screened before they’re approved. Those with FFA IDs – unique identification numbers assigned to individual profiles in the National FFA database – are more quickly accepted into the network, while others may require a more in-depth review and may wait as many as three business days to receive access.

Currently, only the FFA members in the class of 2021 and older are approved to join, which Rusk says is due to the broad age range of alumni and supporters.

“Extensive security measures are in place to safeguard the Forever Blue Network, because safety is our top priority,” Rusk says. “If someone is not an FFA member or alumni and wants to join, we ask for additional information before approving their application. We want our users to feel secure and to enjoy using this network without having to wade through spam or inappropriate content.”

Forever Blue Network users can post in and peruse the feed, and interact with fellow users’ posts, similar to a Facebook or LinkedIn experience, as well as search for alumni mentors or scroll through the job board.

Groups are also part of the Forever Blue Network, giving users the opportunity to connect on an even deeper level. For example, members from the class of 2020 can join the Grad2020 group and share favorite memories from their time in FFA and what they’ll miss, along with photos in albums such as Seniors with Their Blue and Gold and FFA in Caps and Gowns.

“Think of the Forever Blue Network as your one-stop shop for all things FFA,” Rusk says. “It’s a unique way of leveraging the network of FFA members and alumni around the globe to benefit both job seekers and employers while also enhancing the work being done at the local level. It creates a safe space to rekindle or develop personal connections, as well as gain new ideas.”

Visit to join and start connecting.