23 National Officer Candidates Advance to Phase 2 of Selection Process

The 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team will be selected during the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo, electing six new FFA members to serve as the student leaders of the National FFA Organization.

The process to become a national officer is arduous, with the candidates – each state FFA association can submit one individual member annually – taking part in an extensive interview process with a National FFA Officer Nominating Committee. The committee is comprised of students who interview and select the national FFA officers during each National FFA Convention & Expo.

It takes a highly motivated person to become a successful National FFA Officer—an opportunity afforded to few members. Becoming a national officer requires members to learn about their passions and gain a better understanding of what life as a national officer is like. The life of a national officer is nonstop hard work and never-ending commitments, but it is a life-changing experience—one they will cherish forever.

Forty-two candidates vied for national office this past weekend during Phase 1 of the 2018-19 National FFA Officer Team selection process. Candidates advancing to Phase 2:

Jordan Stowe,  Alabama
Luke O’Leary,  California
Cassie Franks, Colorado
Zachary Duda, Connecticut
Morgan Hart, Georgia
Gretchen Hansten, Idaho
Joseph Birrittier, Illinois