2018 Agriscience, National Chapter & Proficiency Finalists Announced

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After a series of strenuous evaluations, the national finalists for National Chapter Awards, National FFA Agriscience Fair and National Agricultural Proficiency Awards have been announced ahead of the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo!

The National FFA Agriscience Fair recognizes student researchers studying the application of agricultural scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises. The agriscience fair is for middle and high school students. Participation begins at the local level and progresses to state and national levels.

» 2018 National FFA Agriscience Fair Finalists

The Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs), have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers.

Students can compete for awards in almost 50 areas covering everything from agricultural communications to wildlife management. There are four types of proficiency awards:

  • Placement proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to employment, apprenticeships, or internships at an agribusiness or agriculture-related organization.
  • Entrepreneurship proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to ownership of an agribusiness or agriculture-related enterprise.
  • Combined some proficiency award areas are not split into entrepreneurship and placement, applicants can combine both placement and entrepreneurship records if both are included in the SAE.
  • Agriscience Research proficiency awards involve planning and conducting an agriculturally based scientific experiment based on hypothesis and the use of the scientific methods of investigation on the hypothesis.

Members who received the National Finalist rating are eligible to compete at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo. All other ratings are recognized by the state associations.

» 2018 Agricultural Proficiency Award Finalists

The National Chapter Award Program is designed to recognize FFA chapters that actively implement the mission and strategies of the organization. These chapters improve chapter operations using the National Quality Chapter Standards (NQCS) and a Program of Activities (POA) that emphasize growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture. Chapters are rewarded for providing educational experiences for the entire membership.

» 2018 National Chapter Award National Finalists

» 2018 National Chapter Award State Star Summary