Luke O’Leary – The Characters We Play

We go through life hiding behind a mask suitable for whatever situation we are currently a part of, hoping to be accepted. In this retiring address, 2018-19 National FFA President Luke O’Leary shares how it is important to allow others to see us for who we truly are.

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Layni LeBlanc – Gray Space

In this retiring address, 2018-19 National FFA Secretary Layni LeBlanc shares how we need to continue asking questions and enter into the “gray space” to grow and learn.

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Piper Merritt – Learning

Many believe that learning stops once you graduate from your last step in the world of academia, whether that is a high school diploma or a doctorate. However, to truly succeed, we must strive to be lifelong learners. In this retiring address, 2017-18 National FFA Central Region Vice President Piper Merritt discusses the importance of becoming a forever learner.

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Gracie Furnish – Valuable

From the day we are born, there is a value and purpose for our life. It is important to remember everyone is different and brings different skills, talents and knowledge to the table. Everyone is valuable in their own unique way. In this retiring address, 2017-18 National FFA Eastern Region Vice President Gracie Furnish discusses how valuable each person is and why we need to see ourselves as valuable too.

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Erica Baier – Fear

Fear is a feeling that creeps up in everyday life, anything from fearing the judgment of peers to bigger feelings such as being unwanted. We should not let fear control our lives. We need to learn to combat the fears. Erica Baier discusses fear and why we need to overcome our biggest obstacle … ourselves.

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Keynote Speaker and Retiring Address activity

The following activity is designed to help guide students through keynote speeches and retiring addresses from National FFA Convention. Students will have the opportunity to think critically and apply messages conveyed through the presentations.