On the Record: Stephanie Nash

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Dairy farmer by day, singer-songwriter by night, Stephanie Nash is using her voice to advocate for agriculture, and she wants to encourage others to do the same. The Nashville-based musician wrote a song, “Time Changes,” as a song of hope to farmers who continue to work hard despite growing regulatory and financial challenges. In conjunction with the October release, Nash will offer a scholarship to at least one FFA chapter to help with projects.

Q: What inspired you to write the song?

A: I read an article about the bullet train in California taking away farms and not paying farmers, and I wrote the song right then, within the hour. It was time for someone to speak up. In agriculture now, you have to be a voice or you’re not going to have anything.

Q: Why did you choose to offer a scholarship around the song?

A: I really wanted to use the song for some kind of ag advocacy. I thought, “Why not do something with FFA?” This is the next generation that is making a difference in agriculture.

In college, I was surrounded by professors who were invested in agriculture, who advocated for it, and they paved the way for me, too. It was nice to have that, and I want to provide a way for people to be more involved.

Q: What was your FFA experience?

A: FFA wasn’t available at my high school. But my family has been very involved since we moved to Tennessee from California (as a result of land prices and government regulations). We’ve donated heifers to local chapters, and FFA members have come to work on our farm. Their agriculture knowledge and leadership skills are amazing.

Q: How can FFA chapters apply for your scholarship?

A: When the contest launches in August, schools can send a video explaining why they need the money or why they love agriculture — really anything that showcases their projects and community involvement.

For bonus entries, students can post the “Time Changes” music video using the hashtag #FFATimeChanges. The idea is to use the video to raise awareness for ag. If a lot of people post it, a lot of people will see it and see who we, as farmers, really are.

Stay up to date on Nash’s music and scholarship. FFA members can apply for the scholarship via the website in August; winners will be announced Oct. 1.