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Meet Brady Womack 2018 Star in Agribusiness Finalist

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If you visit a livestock show in Oklahoma, you may see a B-5 Enterprises Show Supplies trailer. The one-stop shop operation for show supplies is owned and operated by Brady Womack of the Morris FFA Chapter.

Brady said B-5 Enterprises carries livestock feeds, supplements and additives, plus other show supplies and custom metal cut outs. With six trailers to mobilize, his business can be present at several livestock shows in a single day.

“We’ve been blessed with people to come up and talk to us … saying that we’re kind of a one-stop shop for-for a lot of the show supply needs,” Brady said. “They don’t have to go to one trailer to another. They can just come right to us.”

Brady started his entrepreneurship supervised agricultural experience (SAE) after acquiring a business named Winners Edge of Oklahoma, rebranding it B-5 Enterprises. Along the way, he expanded his business by buying Jobe’s Blue Ribbon Show Supplies, adding more trailers and inventory to his operation.

A variety of ag classes have helped Brady with his business, particularly agricultural communications, welding and animal nutrition.

“The nutrition side was a huge,” Brady said. “Being able to communicate with [customers] even if they need a pig, or cattle, or even the goat food side, if they need something to calm them down, they’re trying to figure out an ingredient.” From there, Brady can recommend a product for the customers’ animals.

Brady said he employs a high school student at B-5 Enterprises who uses his work there as a placement SAE. Giving support back to the community that has supported his business is important to Brady.

“Being able to grow to be enough that I can not only support myself, but also support the people that have supported me, too,” Brady said. “And to me, that’s what makes me the most proud.”

Brady studies agricultural education at Oklahoma State University and after graduation, he wants to be an ag teacher and run B-5 Enterprises on the side.