Pop Quiz: National FFA Officer Facts

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Can you match these fun facts with the correct 2016-17 National FFA Officers?


Official Facts:

  1. With the help of former FFA members, I created my high school’s alumni chapter during my junior year.
  2. I’m the most likely to talk to anyone. Karolyn Smith, Paul Pellerin and Merlin from South Dakota are all awesome people I have met and have had lengthy conversations with on airplanes.
  3. I am the team’s biggest animal lover. I have an Instagram account devoted to selfies with dogs, and I have aspirations of becoming a production veterinarian.
  4. Days before competing in the national Creed Speaking CDE, I woke up in the third paragraph of the FFA Creed while sleeping.
  5. I am related to Milton Hershey, the inventor of the Hershey’s chocolate bar! All the men in my family have the middle name Hershey.
  6. I am definitely most proud of my state. I think it’s just a Texas thing. The team continually makes fun of me because I compare everything to Texas.


  1. David Townsend
  2. Victoria Harris
  3. DeShawn Blanding
  4. Ashley Willits
  5. Valerie Earley
  6. Trey Elizondo