2018-19 National FFA Officers Become FFA Alumni

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2018-19 National FFA Officers Become FFA Alumni

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Q: Your time as a National FFA Officer came to an end at the 2019 National FFA Convention & Expo. How will you continue your FFA service as an alumni?

FFA prepares us for what’s to come, no matter where that path takes us. Because of my experiences as an FFA member, I am more confident to live authentically and follow my passions. I look forward to living a life of service and kindness in our world that truly needs it. FFA members are ready to bring that to our world, and I am excited to help them do that even without my blue corduroy.

– Luke O’Leary, National FFA President

I really enjoy the close-to-home impact of grassroots involvement. I plan on joining with my local alumni chapter and working to strengthen our newer program, as well as share opportunities for our community supporters to get involved – even if they haven’t worn the blue jacket.

– Layni LeBlanc, National FFA Secretary

I’m excited to be a voice for the agriculture industry and to volunteer on the local level at FFA events to help members succeed!

– Jordan Stowe, Southern Region Vice President

Just because our time in the blue jacket ends, it doesn’t mean our service has to end, as well. I am so excited to coach chapter-level CDE and LDE teams, assist with state convention, develop officers and build relationships at the local level as an alumni member. This type of long-term impact reminds me there is so much to look forward to on this FFA journey!

– Adrian Schunk, Eastern Region Vice President

Serving as a national officer has been one of the most challenging and rewarding blessings I could have ever hoped to play a part in. I most look forward to using the advocacy and networking skills gained through FFA to continue to advocate for this industry and this organization.

– Ridge Hughbanks, Central Region Vice President

As a member, I benefited immensely from the mentorship of alumni members. Whether it was preparing for contests, working on my SAE or running for an office, having mentors strengthened my experience. I look forward to helping in a similar capacity.

– Shea Booster, Western Region Vice President