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The iconic FFA blue jacket is a beacon of community and pride. As a part of the FFA Official Dress, it is important that students gain the full experience and benefit of being an FFA member. Through several sponsor driven and individual nomination , FFA and its supporters have made it possible to put jackets on the backs of those students that would not otherwise have the opportunity to own a blue jacket.


Culver’s franchises across the nation have the opportunity to sponsor their local chapter(s) by providing a blue jacket to those members that cannot afford one.

There is no limit to the number of jackets a franchise can sponsor. Culver Franchise System, Inc. will split the cost of the first jacket per sponsoring location.

Restaurant sign-ups start FFA week – August, annually.

Find your local Culver’s.

Through the Syngenta Blue Jacket Program, Syngenta retailers commit their support to their local chapter(s) and, in addition to receiving $750 in un restricted financial assistance, an official FFA blue jacket is awarded on behalf of the participating retailer.

The blue jacket may be awarded as a chapter jacket or to an individual member of the chapter.  Retailer sign-ups occur annually starting Feb. – Sept.