How Development Events Impact Careers

2019-20 National Officer Team

2019-20 National Officer Team

Q: Career and leadership development events help members develop valuable skills for college and their careers. How has a CDE/LDE impacted your career interests?

“One of my favorite CDEs was extemporaneous public speaking. It was one of the first times I stepped beyond my comfort zone. I had a great mentor and agriculture educator who said I should go for it. I did it, and since then, I’ve been on this incredible journey of personal growth, acquiring new social skills and interacting with the people around me. Now, I’m able to represent our industry on the national level.”

– Kolesen McCoy, National FFA President

“I was lucky to have two amazing agriculture advisors who did their best like ag advisors do to encourage me to do things I didn’t want to do. I was terrified of public speaking, so they threw me into Creed speaking, and that’s where my passion started. I can imagine both my advisors knew that the more I did, the more experiences I would have, and that’s why I’m here today.”

– Kourtney Lehman, National FFA Secretary.

“Competing in a CDE and LDE has allowed me to grow not only as a leader but also as a person. I am able to articulate my love for agriculture to others, and I continue to be an advocate. Also, it taught me how to work harder and more diligently in anything I do.”

– Yomar Roman, Southern Region Vice President.

“I competed in the agriscience fair starting in middle school, then I competed all the way through high school. Asking questions and looking to improve efficiency helped me grow as an individual and make a unique impact. So my decision to go into nursing was sparked by that unique path within FFA, competing in the agriscience fair. I realized if I just ask questions, science can lead to the answers a lot of times.”

– Tess Seibel, Eastern Region Vice President.

“I started out doing Creed speak- ing in seventh grade, and that kick-started my journey. I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to keep going, so I got into extemporaneous public speaking. That’s taken me to where I am today being able to interview, think on my feet and adapt to whatever situation I’m in. I’m also incredibly grateful for the employment skills LDE. It’s one of my favorite competitions.”

– Mamie Hertel, Central Region Vice President.