From the Editor: The Lifelong Impact of FFA

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I always love hearing life stories like that of Terren Moore, an FFA member and college student from Texas. You know, stories about the times one random decision impacts a life for the better. Moore, who had limited agricultural experience, first took an agriculture course in high school, and it changed the course of his life.

“I gave it a shot, and I did pretty well,” he says. “I decided I liked this ag thing and wanted to see where it might take me.”

Moore became active in FFA and even served as his chapter’s treasurer, secretary and then president. All the while, he tended a small garden on his family’s property. He got his hands dirty and quickly found success. He still manages what has grown into a 5-acre farm with a single-row planter, and he harvests the produce by hand. You can read more about his inspiring story in “One Thing Leads to Another.

Stories like Moore’s are often made possible by the support of FFA Alumni members in the community. In “Strength In Numbers,” we profile companies and universities around the country whose employees and students band together to rally around nearby chapters, even if it’s not a program from which they graduated or in a state where they grew up.

Finally, the 2017 National FFA Convention & Expo was held last month. We welcomed a new crop of national officers, and we also thanked the 2016-17 officers for their year of service. In the “National FFA Officer Q&A,” the outgoing national officers share their highlights of their year at the helm.

Enjoy and have a wonderful winter!


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