FFA in the USA: Fundraising

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Looking for ways to raise money for your chapter? Now is a good time to incorporate one of these ideas into your Program of Activities to raise funds – and awareness – for FFA.

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In May, the Wetumpka FFA Championship Rodeo partners with National FFA Alumni and Supporters from around the county to bring the community a family-friendly rodeo. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit FFA members.

In partnership with North Pole Coffee Roasters, Silent Springs FFA sells bags of coffee beans and grounds in a variety of unique flavors in Interior Alaska.

Every year, chapters, along with the Arizona FFA Foundation, sell raffle tickets for a John Deere Gator. Half of the money goes to the chapter that sells the most tickets; the other half goes to the foundation.

Paris FFA members sell honey that is harvested from their farm. Sweet!

Plateau Valley FFA organizes an annual gymkhana series in the summer, where skill-based contests are held. This family-friendly event features horsemanship that recalls Western and cowboy traditions.

Several chapters throughout the state hold floral arrangement sales during the Valentine’s season.

Strawberry Crest hosts an annual “Ag-stravaganza” and invites ag education students to participate in a talent show, bake-off, cake auction and night of fellowship to support the program.

Chapters across the state grow and sell greenhouse plants – from Boston ferns to geraniums – to bring communities together to support local FFA members.

Hawaii FFA is working on a bill that would fund a coordinator position and student and teacher trainings. Members traveled to the capitol building to testify and provide written testimony in support of the bill.

University of Idaho Collegiate FFA makes aroma kits featuring 31 aromas from the national food science career development event (CDE). The kits are made by students and shipped all over the country.

Carlinville FFA collects milk caps to recycle and turn into park benches for its school.

Members from the North Linn FFA hosted a poverty meal to raise funds to purchase backpack meals for students in need.

Throughout the state, chapters and districts hold change drives, where donors give loose coins. The funds help with disaster relief.

Last September, the Kentucky FFA Foundation’s newest annual tradition – the Blue and Gold Gala netted more than $95,000 in one evening to provide innovation grants for agriculture teachers and scholarships for Kentucky FFA members to attend the Washington Leadership Conference.

In February, the Louisiana FFA Foundation hosted its first-ever Blue and Gold Gala. All funds went toward the association’s general fund in support of nearly 25,000 ag education students.

Washburn FFA plans to host a cow chip bingo game. Proceeds will help to fund chapter events.

Members and alumni of Southern FFA host an annual car show the last Saturday in April. Each car owner pays an entry fee, and judges evaluate the cars. Awards are given in a variety of categories.

Essex FFA hosts a poultry auction each fall to raise money to attend the National FFA Convention & Expo. Community members can sell or donate items for bidding – from live chicks, turkeys and laying hens to rabbits, geese and flowers

Mason FFA members tap maple trees and collect sap to make pure maple syrup. They then sell the syrup to support their chapter.

During the winter, Minnewaska FFA puts on an ice fishing tournament to raise support for the alumni, supporters and FFA members within its local community.

Nevada FFA builds a free-hanging porch swing in its shop class and raffles it off to help send members to the Washington Leadership Conference.

To combat winter blues mixed in with cases of the Mondays, Fairfield FFA members sell hot chocolate to students and staff each week. This project is a productive fundraiser and a hit among customers.

Perkins County FFA works a slushy stand at its fairgrounds. Members mix pop and Kool-Aid in their slushies, and they typically raise over $500.

Agricultural mechanics students at Nile Valley FFA fabricate and sell flood-irrigation gates for the many farmers in the area.

New Hampshire
Every year, the state puts on a silent auction at its state convention. Supporters of the association donate items that are then auctioned off throughout the weekend.

New Jersey
To raise funds for Adopt-A-Family and to promote holiday cheer, Monmouth County Vocational FFA hosted a schoolwide Pajams-for-Fams Day, where students and staff paid money to participate.

New Mexico
Des Moines FFA gets into the holiday spirit by selling Christmas wreaths. Members create the decorations by hand from local foliage and sell them to community members in December.

New York
South Jefferson FFA sells pastry puffins as a fund-raiser. It’s the only chapter in the state to do this.

North Dakota
Turtle Lake Mercer FFA paints blue-and-gold turtle insignias with a business sponsor’s name. This takes place along the town’s main street during Turtle Days.

Valley View MVCTC FFA host a school-wide duck hunt to support the local food pantry the officers hide ducks around the school and students purchase duck licenses to hunt them.

At each State Convention alumni members sponsor a silent auction featuring members unique handmade creations. The money raised goes towards the future Ag–Ed Academy and provide scholarships for the children of Agriculture instructors in the stat.

Baker FFA hosts a drive-thru  BBQ fundraiser each spring and fall. Students deliver a tasty
tri-tip dinner to eager FFA supporters.

A county within the state hosts a farm-to-fork dinner and auction to raise funds, gain support and showcase student success from all three FFA chapters in the county.

Rhode Island
During National FFA Week, chapters team up with Tractor Supply Company stores for a disaster-relief drive for families in Puerto Rico.

South Carolina
Ashley Ridge FFA hosts student-led goat’s milk soap-making classes. Students milk the goats by hand at the school’s on-campus farm.

South Dakota
How about a game of chicken bingo or cow patty bingo chapter sell bingo squares and then let a chicken loose on the board with the corresponding bingo square whoever has the square the chicken poops on receives half the proceeds.

Munford FFA host an annual lamb camp we’re children and surrounding areas are mentored by FFA members learn about caring for animals and participate in character-building activities.

The Texas FFA Foundation hosted its first Growing Our Future Leadership Series and Gala on April 19. The classroom came alive as students heard from Red Steagall, Temple Grandin, Bob Tallman and more special guests.

When tragedy struck, northern Utah FFA chapters hosted a Hypno Hick event, a comedy stage hypnotist, to raise money for a family in its tight-knit community.

In December Turner Ashby Alumni FFA officers and annual Farm Toy Show complete with displays of communities and booths with toys for visitors to purchase to raise money for local members.

Throughout the year, Washington FFA members serve locally sourced meals, support the March of Dimes, and work the donut barn at the county fair to raise money for their chapters.

West Virginia
Each year, Buffalo FFA hosts an annual rodeo, called Bulls, Barrels and Buffalo FFA, to raise mo