Meet the 2020 American Star in Agriscience Winner

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Each year at the National FFA Convention & Expo, four FFA members are honored with American Star Awards for outstanding accomplishments in FFA and agricultural education.

The American Star Awards, including American Star Farmer, American Star in Agribusiness, American Star in Agricultural Placement and American Star in Agriscience, are presented to FFA members who demonstrate outstanding agricultural skills and competencies through completion of a supervised agricultural experience (SAE). A required activity in FFA, an SAE allows students to learn by doing, by either owning or operating an agricultural business, working or serving an internship at an agriculture-based business or conducting an agriculture-based scientific experiment and reporting results.

Congratulations to the 2020 American Star in Agriscience winner:


Nicole Stevens, Oklahoma



Agriscience is a family affair for Nicole Stevens — Scott Stevens, her father and FFA advisor at Yukon FFA in Oklahoma, encouraged his children to participate in the National FFA Agriscience Fair. Through her years in FFA, scientific research became a bonding point for the father-daughter pair.

“We competed every year, many projects a year sometimes,” Stevens said. “My sophomore year, I had six. We really liked science. It was super fun for us.”

Starting in eighth grade and going into college, Stevens has been involved in various types of agriscience research, from plant science to animal science.

“For me, the main goal for my research was to make myself a better ag teacher, because I love agriscience so much,” said Stevens, who is now working toward a master’s degree in agricultural education at Oklahoma State University. “I wanted to spread myself through each different type of research.”

In her most recent research experience, Stevens studied ruminant digestion. Using cannulas to insert and remove feed samples in catt