Dear FFA Members, Alumni and Supporters:

By |2020-06-08T12:09:19-04:00March 18th, 2020|National Officers, The Feed|

With numerous state conventions, career and leadership development events, leadership conferences, and more now affected, the words “canceled” and “postponed” are all around the FFA community. We, as the National FFA Officer Team, want you to know that our support and admiration for your efforts remain unwavering. The six of us pledge to be a constant and reliable resource for every FFA member, alumni and supporter during this difficult time.

Our team recognizes that many are feeling heavy emotions for what the future holds. We know that each state, chapter, and member has felt the impact of events being canceled or postponed. Whether this is your first year of FFA student membership or your last, we know that countless hours of preparation and passion have been put into working toward these events. The disappointment is understandable, but we encourage all to remember the pride and honor we earned from all the hard work along the way.

We are witnessing an unprecedented time, and there is much uncertainty. However, there are many things that are definite. Find the people and activities that are definite and lean into them. Now, more than ever is a time for us to display premier leadership in our homes and communities. It’s a time to reflect and work on our personal growth to help others who need positive encouragement. It’s a time to focus on how our career success in the industry of agriculture will get our country through by providing the necessary food, clothing, and supplies to survive. It’s a time to be creative and impactful with how we serve our world.

We can make a positive difference in the lives of those around us, even if it looks a little different than before. We are confident that every person in the FFA community will continue to be incredible examples of leadership, and we are here to help you. If you, your chapter, or your state needs ideas on how to engage virtually or needs positive encouragement, please know that the six of us are here to help. We aim to be a constant support for you and for FFA to be a beacon of hope. We encourage positivity and optimism in each of you.


2019-20 National FFA Officer Team