Bridging Horizons With The National AgrAbility Project

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The National AgrAbility Project helps FFA chapters enhance independence and promote success for people facing physical disability challenges.

When Evan Exmeyer joined Indiana’s North Miami FFA Chapter, his fellow members noticed it was difficult for him to navigate his wheelchair on unpaved surfaces around his family’s farm or at FFA events. So they brainstormed a way for Exmeyer, who has cerebral palsy, to gain better access in his rural surroundings.

After researching options, North Miami FFA members purchased and modified a John Deere utility vehicle. They raised more than $20,000 to buy the vehicle and
materials, and they enlisted community members to help adapt it with a pivot lift
so Exmeyer could ride in the front seat.

“It has allowed him to be a part of what is going on at the farm and school in ways he never could before,” says Exmeyer’s mom, Kathy.

The Ex Project earned the North Miami FFA first prize and $600 in the Bridging Horizons Community Service Contest facilitated by Indiana AgrAbility and sponsored by DuPont Pioneer and Indiana FFA. The prize money funded a scholarship to help the chapter pay for member jackets, trips and more.

The Bridging Horizons program epitomizes the importance of Living to Serve. For information about the Community Service Contest, visit or contact your state FFA office. Visit for more ideas on how to put your leadership into action and service funding opportunities.