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FFA Fundamentals Choice Board

The “FFA Fundamentals” choice board is designed to help students quickly learn FFA basics while exploring This is the perfect activity for an FFA unit or for Discovery and Greenhand FFA Degree candidates.

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The FFA choice boards facilitate student exploration across all facets of as well as AgExplorer. There are choice boards for use during a variety of time spans (six-weeks, nine-weeks, one semester and a full year). Choose the time span that works best with your curriculum.

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AgExplorer-Educator Resources

Utilize these resources focused on agriculture careers to enhance your classroom instruction or use as standalone lessons and activities. Whether students are learning about agriculture careers for the first time or are diving into specific details; the implementation guides, activities and field trip guides are designed to further educate about the multitude of opportunities that exist in the industry of agriculture.

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New Horizons Teaching Guides

These guides accompany each of the New Horizons magazines. Each guide includes ready to print activities, discussion questions, and SAE and FFA tips.

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SAE Video Choice Boards

This document serves as a resource to incorporate SAE videos into the classroom. These videos allow students to learn about and develop/enhance their SAE projects. There are a series of choice boards available:six-week, nine-week,by quarter,first-half of the semester and second-half of the semester. Choose the format that best suits your classroom.

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