Tips for a Successful SAE

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A supervised agricultural experience (SAE) is required for all FFA members and serves as a great way to apply classroom principles in the real world. We asked the National FFA Officers their best tips for a successful SAE.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your project. I once met a student who was interested in a medical career and started an agriscience research SAE studying pig lungs. Work with your advisor to find a project that you’re really passionate about. We have the most success when our heart is behind the work we do.

– Luke O’Leary, National FFA President

Do something you love! I always enjoyed working with animals, so I started volunteering with a shelter veterinarian and experiencing veterinary science. I now hope to pursue veterinary medicine because of the experiences I had in my SAE. The most successful SAE will be what makes you happy, helps you discover who you are and identifies where your strengths lie for a bright future career.

– Layni LeBlanc, National FFA Secretary

Find something you are passionate about. Don’t just do what everyone else in your chapter is doing! Pursuing an SAE you are interested in helps you work harder and do the best you can. It’s completely OK to explore options. I completed numerous SAEs through high school until I found one I truly loved. Ask yourself what you care most about or the changes you want to see around you. Success grows where your passions flow. Follow them!

– Jordan Stowe, Southern Region Vice President

I believe success comes down to one main factor: passion. Whether it’s animals or teaching, research or the outdoors, there are so many options to choose from. When we choose something we are passionate about, we’ll likely do it to the best of our ability. Creating and growing an SAE can be one of the most meaningful aspects of our agricultural education, so find something you love and you will make success happen!

– Adrian Schunk, Eastern Region Vice President

I believe the most successful SAEs are those which meet the student’s needs and serve others. In FFA, our members strive to serve. When your pursuits n