Spring 2019 National FFA Officer Q&A

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Q: FFA has evolved in recent years to include a record number of members, broad geographic reach, a focus on diversity and more. What new frontier are you most excited about for the future of FFA?

I am excited to give our students the platforms they need to solve the challenges of our world today. Through new partnerships involving science and technology, our organization continues to push the boundary of providing relevant experiences for members to engage with agricultural issues and solutions. From our Stars in Agriscience to FFA Blue 365, it’s clear our organization is forward-focused and putting members in the spotlight to be the world changers of today and tomorrow.

– Luke O’Leary, National FFA President

FFA prepares students to be leaders in many ways, but I think something that will be pressing for the next generation is the ability to lead initiatives that will solve the world’s critical issues. The FFA Blue 365 initiative is really encouraging to me because we are providing experiences that equip FFA members to handle issues such as food insecurity, health, environmental awareness, efficient agricultural practices and so many more.

– Layni LeBlanc, National FFA Secretary

I am most excited about FFA reaching people in unique places. There are FFA chapters in 24 of the 25 largest cities in the United States. By providing more opportunities and growing into urban areas, our members are able to explore agricultural opportunities that interest them and develop new ideas to bring to our organization! Agriculture is an industry that is relevant to everyone’s life, and the strides FFA is making to impact every individual are phenomenal. I am excited to see how far it will go.

– Jordan Stowe, Southern Region Vice President

I am beyond excited about the National FFA Inclusion and Diversity platform. I believe we can learn much more from our differences than we ever could from our similarities. When we truly live out our motto of “doing to learn,” we embrace opportunities to learn from those who are different from us. After all, the future of our organization, our industry of agriculture and our world depends on it.

– Adrian Schunk, Eastern Region Vice President

Some of the greatest opportunities in FFA are the ones where students can interact with industry experts and have real-world, hands-on experiences. It will be fascinating to see how utilizing the Blue Room and more technology within our programs will impact FFA members’ experiences. I am most excited to see how students will apply technological advancements to better their SAEs, communities and agriculture.

– Ridge Hughbanks, Central Region Vice President

FFA is constantly evolving to meet the needs of students from all backgrounds. Our organization is currently booming in urban areas with chapters in many of the country’s largest cities. My roots run more urban than rural, and the idea of FFA reaching more students from metropolitan areas is exciting.

– Shea Booster, Western Region Vice President