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Fiona Haggerty-SAE-Mapping of River

Follow Fiona as she introduces us to her supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program of mapping the Quinnipiac River and helping the Quinnipiac River and Trail Committee. She shares why she is interested in river mapping, the skills she has gained and what she has learned about GIS technology.

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Retiring Address – Piper Merritt

Many believe that learning stops once you graduate from your last step in the world of academia, whether that is a high school diploma or a doctorate. However, to truly succeed, we must strive to be lifelong learners. In this retiring address, 2017-18 National FFA Central Region Vice President Piper Merritt discusses the importance of becoming a forever learner.

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Work To Be Done

There is always work to be done in life. In his retiring address, 2017-18 National FFA Western Region Vice President Bryce Cluff discusses how we can become better leaders through work, understanding and love.

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FFA Blue 365 Videos Activity Sheet

This activity is a general worksheet to be used with videos from the FFA Blue Room Experience from the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo.