Top 5 Tips for Building a Star Agribusiness

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The four finalists for the 2020 American Star in Agribusiness run four completely different businesses, but they have one thing in common — they’re thriving. Learn what it takes to have the most successful agribusiness supervised agricultural experience (SAE) programs.

1. Find an idea you love that meets a need.

Winner Blake Kirchhoff of Blake Kirchhoff Custom Baling, Superior FFA in Nebraska: I wanted to raise sheep, but I didn’t have a square baler and couldn’t handle round bales. I bought a baler but couldn’t justify the costs of sheep and baling, so I ended up baling full-time for other people.

Hannah York, Arrowhead Acres Nursery, Caldwell County FFA in Kentucky: My ag teacher shared an SAE example of selling cornstalk bundles at local farm stores, and that’s how I started. Because I love fall, I started doing yard displays at my house and friends’ houses.

Ely Boulds, Dewey Lime Spreading, Eldorado FFA in Illin