How to Create a Powerful POA

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A key component of an FFA chapter’s success is the development of a Program of Activities (POA) that emphasizes growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture. Here, the five FFA advisors who represent the 2019 National Chapter Award winners share their secrets to a successful POA.

“Our committee members come up with all kinds of ideas that would work for different quality standards. We like to keep it that way so we can cover a lot of areas with a lot of activities that interest a wide variety of students.”

April Davis, Commerce Middle School FFA (Georgia), Middle School Model of Excellence

“The Waterloo FFA leadership team uses the FFA quality indicators as a starting point to brainstorm and select activities that will be beneficial for our chapter, school and community.”

Tim McDermott, Waterloo FFA (Illinois), National Premier Chapter, Growing Leaders

“Our success is driven by our students. Our chapter officers lead in planning our POA, but their insight comes from close relationships with our entire membership. Small groups led by each officer allow members to share input about our activities and goals through- out the year.”

Mason Jones, Edmond FFA (Oklahoma), National Premier Chapter, Strengthening Agriculture

“Adapt and conquer was a favorite quote of my father, who was my FFA advisor. This has impacted our success because I teach my FFA members to make plans, yet be willing to change as needed.”

Jessica Helsinger, Covington-UVCC FFA (Ohio), Model of Excellence

“The secret to developing a successful POA for our chapter revolves around three keywords: quality, pride and tradition. We strive to plan, organize, develop and execute activities that are of utmost value that our members and stakeholders appreciate.”

Rob Calvin, Troy FFA (Missouri), National Premier Chapter, Building Communities

For more information about POAs, visit the National Chapter Awards webpage on Click on the “Resources.”