Quiz: Meet Our Members

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How much do you know about our FFA membership? Pick the right answers in this multiple-choice quiz.

Quiz Questions:

1. How many FFA members are there nationwide?

A. 544,602

B. 669,989

C. 826,560

2. About 53 percent of FFA members are male. How many female members does FFA have?

A. 148,062

B. 299,086

C. 398,076

3. Tenth-graders represent the second-largest group of FFA members by grade. What grade has the largest number of FFA members, with a total of 156,602 members?

A. 12th

B. 11th

C. 9th

4. How many FFA chapters are there nationwide?

A. 5,560

B. 8,630

C. 10,042

5. FFA advisors are male and female, ranging from age 19 to 70! What age category does the largest number of advisors fit into?

A. 20-29

B. 30-39

C. 50-59