National Officers: FFA Service Projects Make a Difference

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Q: The last line of the FFA motto, Living to Serve, signifies the vital role service plays in our organization. Can you tell us about an FFA service project you participated in that made an impact in your community?

I remember visiting an elementary school with fellow FFA members to read to students, hang out and share some conversation before summer break. These unique moments of joy seen in others can always serve as our greatest reminder of the impact that Living to Serve can have on people around the world.
– Kolesen McCoy, National FFA President

Every year, my chapter held a Helping Hands BBQ. We’d sell tickets for a tri-tip dinner and host the event during one of the home basketball games. The proceeds from the BBQ would go to a family we selected – as a chapter – who needed a little extra help. Every year, we were able to donate several thousand dollars. It was an amazing experience: good food, good people and a good cause.
– Kourtney Lehman, National FFA Secretary

Puerto Rico once faced the threat of a Zika virus outbreak, as it quickly spread across the island. My chapter decided to take action, because one thing FFA has taught us is that we can always take Living to Serve to another level. We used a group of aromatic plants that repel mosquitos to make our school safer and to set an example. We learned to always care for others and to do our best to make a safer society.
– Yomar Roman, Southern Region Vice President

This summer, we packed snack kits at our state FFA leadership camp. By working together, over 2,500 snack kits were packed in three hours! The kits were sent to a local food pantry for students in summer programs. The neat part is that this project was possible through a Living to Serve Grant provided by FFA. By living out the last line of the FFA motto, we realized how important service truly is.
– Tess Seibel, Eastern Region Vice President

My chapter served our community by participating in a pumpkin-carving event. About a week before Halloween, members paired up with elementary students to assist them in carving a pumpkin in our high school gym. This activity allowed members to connect and create mentor relationships with younger students, and it encouraged a sense of community within our small school.
– Mamie Hertel, Central Region Vice President