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CDE, LDE and Agriscience Research Choice Board

Career and leadership development events (CDEs/LDEs) and agriscience research help develop college and career readiness skills. Through this resource, students will be challenged to learn about and explore different events offered by National FFA.

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Sustainability in Agriculture – Valent USA

Valent USA is a leader in sustainable solutions for a changing world, and maintaining the ability to continue feeding the growing population requires sustainability. Through this lesson series, students will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainability throughout the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Value Chain.

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Shea Booster – Why Me?

In this retiring address, 2018-19 National FFA Western Region Vice President Shea Booster discusses how we need to strive to be great leaders by not claiming to be “victims” in various situations.

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Ridge Hughbanks – Let’s Get to Work

In this retiring address, 2018-19 National FFA Central Region Vice President Ridge Hughbanks shares how hard work and resiliency are key components to being a great leader and caring for yourself.

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Luke O’Leary – The Characters We Play

We go through life hiding behind a mask suitable for whatever situation we are currently a part of, hoping to be accepted. In this retiring address, 2018-19 National FFA President Luke O’Leary shares how it is important to allow others to see us for who we truly are.

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